Danger: Journalists Crossing

Latino Social Innovation’s first executive produced short film is finally available.  

“Danger: Journalists Crossing” is a raw and hilarious political satire that questions the ethical underpinnings of mainstream media and the role journalists play in harboring negative stereotypes of Central American migrants.  The film was directed by veteran social movement filmmaker Greg Berger, known in Mexico as Gringoyo.

This film embodies participatory media in its most authentic form.  More than 80 migrants participated in the making of the film, including the fierce organizers, main protagonists, and leaders of this year’s “Via Crucis”, a migrant-led 268 mile-march that brings attention to the plight of migrants.  “Danger: Journalists Crossing” is the product of an organized network of more than 250 people, and 103 individual supporters, who in only seven days fully funded our kickstarter campaign.

The film is already having an impact and is being used as an organizing tool by the same people who appear in it.  They premiered it in Chahuites, Oaxaca, Mexico, at a shelter and rest stop of the Via Crucis march. The making of “Danger: Journalists Crossing,” revealed the organizers' overwhelming desire and enthusiasm to create more of their own media.  Members of the migrant movement want to collect, document, analyze and disseminate their own stories, not only to counter the media's negative portrayal of migrants but also to strengthen their organizing efforts and movement building strategies.

As one of the executive producers of this political satire, we wanted the film to shatter the narrative of migrants as victims and criminals. Now, after observing its overwhelming impact, we see the potential for the creation of a migrants’ community media lab in Southern Mexico.

The Central American organizers who appear in this film are brave, skilled, and ready to accomplish great things.  Despite death threats and the imminent danger of torture and kidnapping, they continue to stand up and organize against corruption and organized crime.

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