Here's just a few of the projects we've taken on:



We're in the process of launching a curated subscription service for children's books in Spanish.  This service will provide books that have actually been written in Spanish and are embedded in the Latino culture from which they are born.  We feel this is an important step forward for educational institutions and private subscribers, because most books that are currently easily available are translations from books written in English.  DéjàLu offers real books, really written in Spanish, and encourages family reading episodes that foster multi-generational growth in literacy.



Liberando videos

We are currently providing project management, technical support, fundraising, and evaluation services for Liberando Videos, an exciting project launched in Mexico, expanding to Bolivia, and, we hope, growing to more Latin American countries.  Liberando Videos has taken advantage of the ubiquity of Bluetooth technology on cell phones to develop a new distribution model for short, socially conscious videos.  This is a particularly important development for areas where cellular data coverage and wifi access is restricted.  


transmission detroit

Transmission: Detroit is a transmedia project that will use digital video storytelling, podcasts, art exhibits and other creative interventions to counter the prevailing 'negative' story being told about Detroit by highlighting real examples of the high level of real time innovation, creative thinking and progressive action that is being undertaken by Detroiters and allied spirits to rebuild a sustainable Detroit.


Guayava is an upcoming monthly curated gallery of t-shirts and art created by working artists.  It was created to provide a means for artists both in the US and in Latin American countries to reach an audience outside fine art galleries.  This supports artists' continuing creation while fostering a new focus on arts in the community.

Unbound: A tribute to aaron swartz

Unbound was an exhibit, presented both online and physically at Aaron Swartz' former workplace, ThoughtWorks, which honored Aaron’s lifelong pursuit of justice, with the goal of amplifying his contributions to society.  The exhibit provided space to artists and activists who, like Aaron, challenge the status quo, disrupt unjust systems, give voice to the voiceless and build movements for justice and equity. 

migrants have the last laugh

We ran a successful crowd-funding campaign to produce a satirical short film about the true story of migration--and just how wrong the self-serving media gets it.  We focused on the contributions of local organizers and small groups who, with limited resources, work tirelessly in defense of migrants' rights.  Because of the success of this program, we are currently designing, in collaboration with Greg Berger, an independent media lab project on the border.  

Danger: Journalists Crossing

We executive produced the short film “Danger: Journalists Crossing”, a raw and hilarious political satire that questions the ethical underpinnings of mainstream media and the role journalists play in harboring negative stereotypes of Central American migrants.  The film was directed by veteran social movement filmmaker Greg Berger, known in Mexico as Gringoyo.

This film embodies participatory media in its most authentic form.  More than 80 migrants participated in the making of the film, including the fierce organizers, main protagonists, and leaders of this year’s “Via Crucis”, a migrant-led 268 mile-march that brings attention to the plight of migrants.  “Danger: Journalists Crossing” is the product of an organized network of more than 250 people, and 103 individual supporters, who in only seven days fully funded our kickstarter campaign.