Then, teach them the song.


How we work

We develop both our projects and your projects:

  1. We incubate our own projects that we think will change the world. You can see some of what we're working on in Projects.
  2. We work to make sure your project will change the world.  We offer a number of services to make sure your project gets heard by everyone:
    • content development
    • multimedia storytelling
    • social impact branding and strategy development
    • crowd-financing campaigns
    • website design and construction
    • evaluation services
    • program design
    • grant writing 

Have a project you'd like to talk to us about?  Give us a shout.


Our vision

We want to disrupt mainstream notions and stereotypes of Latinos by shifting our demographic power from consumers and recipients to creators and innovators of change.  This means that:

  • Some of our projects and collaborations are specifically directed at fostering this shift in our own community. For example, we're developing a new children's book app specifically geared to a bilingual audience, encouraging the growth of a creative cultural heritage for the next generation.
  • Some of our projects are directed at bringing Latino influence into sectors not normally associated with "Latino-ness."  Our recent project "Unbound: A Tribute to Aaron Swartz" served this purpose by bringing a number of Latino artists and activists into collaboration with internet freedom activists and tech companies.  

How we do it

The Brain


We are a collective of cultural activists, artists’ advocates, social media rockstars,  social impact strategists, international development folks, nonprofit workers, writers, visual artists, filmmakers and technologists.  We're committed to intentionally supporting a knowledge and purpose-based economy.

No project is the same.  Prescriptions and models can’t be implemented without local  knowledge and capacity.   Each project is crafted with mindfulness and respect for local communities, local context and local knowledge.   Thus, each project employs a diverse group of people that brings the specific expertise, skill and local insight required by the project.

the power


In the US, the Latino population is expected to grow by 167% between 2010 to 2050.  It is estimated that by 2050, 102.6 million Latinos will constitute 25% of the U.S. population.  This rapid demographic change has fueled a strong interest in engaging Latinos across all sectors.   Now more than ever before, new technologies and social media, are facilitating tremendous opportunities for latinos to connect, mobilize and share resources in ways never imagined.  Social media is igniting massive conversations and analysis about identity, politics, race and social issues. Technology is accelerating participation in entrepreneurial efforts, in the market place and in the social space.  We have a tremendous opportunity to be the innovators and creators of change.